Duke looked much, much better tonight playing against Georgia Southern tonight.  Brian Zoubek looked better despite two or three BS foul calls and Lance Thomas was aggressive.  Kyle Singler dominated, making some, in my opinion, impossible-looking shots.  The freshmen weren’t put in the game until the second half.  I read this was because Coach K wanted to have the more experienced guys lead by example.  In the second half I think there were no more than two turnovers.  In fourteen minutes of play, freshman Elliot Williams had eleven rebounds.

Yeah, Duke looked a lot better overall tonight, playing with a lot more intensity and hitting bringing the offense and the defense.  The final score was 97-54.  The only thing that held the Blue Devils back was the atrocious free throw shooting: 25 for 49.  Yick.  Almost all of the guys had an off night in that department.  Greg Paulus even missed two after Georgia Southern’s coach got a technical foul.  I’m not too worried about that though.

Other than that, work was a bit tough today.  It was one of those days where it seemed that everyone wanted a little bit of something done and I felt like my head was going to explode.

We had small group at our house tonight.  Justin Hauenstein had to work and his wife, Lisa, didn’t come.  Elliot Clark came, but his wife, Melissa Nicholson, had a fever of almost 100 degrees, so obviously she wasn’t there.  I’d gotten an e-mailed earlier in the day from Taylor Hutchens saying that he and his wife, Esther, wanted to look around at other small groups in order to meet more people, which is understandable since they just moved here.  I think that puts them at second place for the shortest amount of time a couple stayed with us.

Mike and Kaitlyn Boscaljon did come though, as did Elliot, like I said before.  We were also joined by Kevin and Lauren Millard, whom we met this past weekend at Matt Davis’ birthday party.  Kevin is not a shy guy, so it wasn’t too surprising that he was very active in the conversation we had, and the same goes with Lauren.  Usually it takes a few weeks for a couple to get comfortable to the point of really joining in actively.  They don’t actively attend Port City Community Church, but they do listen to the podcasts.  Hopefully they’ll come check us out some more or even become regulars.

Our discussion ran a little long, but everyone was walking out the door right at 9:00, just in time for me to turn on the game.  Elliot missed a big chunk of it on his drive home, but he texted me a few times throughout the game once he was able to start watching it.  I invited him to stick around to watch it, of course, but he had to get home to Melissa.

Zach Dotsey