So it would appear that Andra and Josh Sawyer did not choose Lila for the name of my first niece.  Addison Jaclyn Sawyer was removed from her mother’s womb at about 3:05 PM measuring 21 inches and I think my dad said when he called, eight pounds three ounces.  I didn’t get much other news than that other than the fact that she was healthy, Jackson had been holding her very carefully and their mother was resting.  So welcome to the world, little girl!  I’m sorry I wasn’t there to see you, but I’ll meet you soon.

I just got back inside from hunting for Cobb.  He tends to meow (cry) a lot when he wants something.  Usually it’s food, though now and then it’s his way of telling us that his litter box is a little too full or that the water bowl is empty.  Tonight he seemed to have a bug up his anus about going outside.  So I opened the door and tossed him out.

Even though he was an outside cat, living under our rental house in Sunset Park when we found him, since we’ve moved to our current house he’s always been a bit hesitant about going outside.  Usually he’ll just sit in the doorway until I either bump him with it a bunch or I putt him back inside.  Sometimes he’ll actually venture out, but the slightest noise causes him to run back inside.

I was getting annoyed with his loud and constant crying, so like I said, I tossed him out.  I figured he’d get over being outside pretty quickly, so I left him for a few minutes then came back to let him in.  Only thing was, I couldn’t find him.  I went inside and got a flashlight and eventually found him behind some bushes at the unlit corner of the house.  That’s a good thing, because I was starting to worry that he’d jumped the fence.  Anyway, as soon as I found him he ran back inside.

Other than those two events (the latter really being a non-event), there wasn’t much going on today.  The DVR was about 75% full so Amanda and I watched a few things on that.  She was in bed before 9:30 and I took the opportunity to catch up completely on Smallville.

I think this season is shaping up to be better than the last few.  There isn’t as much mystic mumbo jumbo and they’ve gotten more into the formula of having a different meteor freak every episode like they did back in the early days.  Clark Kent has embraced the role of running around and saving people and they’re building up to having an appearance by Doomsday, which was the creature who famously temporarily killed Superman in the comic books.  That’s next episode, which also features the marriage of Chloe Sullivan and Jimmy Olsen.

Kentucky was defeated, in their season opener at Rupp Arena, by the Virginia Military Institute tonight.  The score was 111-103.  Yeowch.  That’s a pretty embarrassing loss, VMI.  Last year UK lost their second game of the year to Gardner-Webb, which was pretty bad, but losing at home in the first game of the season (which powerhouse teams usually schedule to be pretty easy) is not good.  I’m thinking that even though it’s only his second year there, there are probably a lot of Wildcat fans who are not at all happy with Coach Billy Gillespie.  I also wonder if Patrick Patterson wishes he could go back in time and change is school of choice to Duke.  Last year all Duke really lacked was an inside presence, and I guarantee the Blue Devils would have gone further in the NCAA tournament if he’d gone to the town where I grew up instead of the town where I was born.

Oh, my wetsuit came in today.  Waves should be good tomorrow so I guess I’ll pick it up and get to go ahead and give it a whirl.

Zach Dotsey