Amanda and I didn’t have anything really on the agenda for today, so we took our time getting going this morning.  Once we got out of the house we did a little Christmas shopping then stopped by Home Depot to look at fake Christmas trees.

Yes, we’re looking at fake Christmas trees.  I feel like a sellout for even considering it, but with the price of a real tree we can make up the difference in two years.  Plus it won’t shed and we won’t have to worry about what to do with it, since the trash people won’t pick it up and we no longer have a burn pile.  Anyway, it looked like Home Depot didn’t have any yet so we didn’t get to look very much.

After Home Depot we decided to check out the new Panera Bread over by Mayfaire.  Amanda and I used to eat at Panera all the time when we lived in Raleigh and really missed being able to go to it.  Atlanta Bread is good, but we just prefer Panera.  It was packed in there too, so I’m sure it’s putting a hurt on poor Atlanta Bread.

We had trouble finding a place to sit in the Panera until I heard Mike Boscaljon call me over.  He and his wife Kaitlyn just happened to be there sitting at a table, so we joined them.  After we ate we all ordered some bagels to take home.  I invited them to come over to watch Sweeny Todd, which is on HBO On Demand right now and Amanda’s been wanting to see it again.  They didn’t end up coming over, which I suspect has at least a little to do with the fact that Kaitlyn isn’t a big fan of Bruce and Harvey.

Back home, Amanda looked at cribs online.  Her grandmother said she wanted to buy us a crib, even though we told her that Scott was going to give us the one they used for his girls.  Peggy was insistent on it, like when you’re eating breakfast at their house and they ask if you want more.  You can tell them you’re full all you want, and they’ll still insist you have another biscuit or some more eggs.  While this was going on I played BioShock.

In football news today, NC State beat Carolina but Duke lost to Virginia Tech.

Later on Amanda and I were going to watch Sweeny Todd but Amanda didn’t think she’d make it through so we watched some stuff from DVR instead.

Zach Dotsey