Today is Pearl Harbor Day.  Mr. Carden, my parents’ elderly neighbor, as I’ve heard it, was actually there when the Japanese attacked.

Amanda and I went to Port City Community Church as we tend to do on Sundays.  I remember thinking we wouldn’t see anyone to talk to on the way out, but we ended up talking to Dave Sapp, Theo Milojevich, Jeaneal Guy, Kyle and Lorin van Zandt, Karen Anderson and Taylor and Esther Hutchens.  We ended up talking to people for a bit before heading out to breakfast at Panera.  After that we stopped by Circuit City to pick up some photo ink cartridges then Target to pick up some frames.  Obviously, we had the intention of printing some of yesterday’s photos.

When we got home, however, we were greeted with a horrific site.  The first thing I noticed was cardboard all over the place, then little puffs of cotton.  Harvey, it seems, had gotten bored while we were gone.  It turns out that he chewed up a shoe box that Amanda was planning on keeping, he got tore apart some of the fake cottony decorative snow we’ve got up here and there, he dragged out and I’m guessing shewed on a seashell, he put holes in a small bottle of (expensive) makeup and chewed a hole in the Duke jersey I’d gotten for Bruce when I went to the Duke-NC State football game.

We were a little upset with him.  Harvey used to chew stuff pretty often when we first got him, but he’s been so good over the past few months that we have let him stay out of his crate while we’re gone.  Well, no longer, at least not until Christmas is past.

We spent most of the day fixing up and printing pictures.  Amanda had mentioned putting the Christmas lights up on the house, so towards the end of the day I went out on the roof and did that.  It took me about an hour, all told, and when I plugged them in we noticed that we had a little Christmas light trouble.  Three of the snowflakes on one strand were out and another two from the more three-dimensional set were broken.  The lights worked on them, but the part where they stick out at a right angle had broken so those parts were just hanging there.  I knew they were broken, but I also figured you’d have to be right up on the house or looking right at those particular flakes to notice.

At first Amanda wanted me to just take them all down.  I got annoyed, since I’d just spent an hour in the semi-cold putting them up.  As I was messing witht he cord on the strang that had some lights missing though, those suddenly started working again.  Then Amanda decided that the broken ones weren’t really all that noticeable, so they stayed up.  Our lights aren’t as nice as the ones across the street, but I think it looks nice,

Amanda baked cookies and we invited Nick and Amy Warkentien over to watch a Christmas movie.  Amy hadn’t seen all of Christmas Vacation so we watched that.  She told us that their baby (they’re leaning towards the name Kenon, and Amy even called him that) has been pretty active and that you could even see him kick, but I guess he didn’t want to show off for us.

Zach Dotsey