If you keep up with things on this website you might remember how I mentioned yesterday that Amanda and I got very little sleep the night before.  Here’s the reason why.  Amanda had discovered some spotting in the afternoon.  Nothing heavy, and not too alarming in and of itself, but later that night Amanda said she seemed to feel the kinds of cramps that normally would say that her time of the month was coming.  You put spotting and cramps together this far into the pregnancy and you might have some cause for concern.

Amanda called the doctor then (at 3:00 in the morning) and was told that it was probably nothing, but to call on Monday and schedule an appointment anyway.

I spent a good amount of time praying, and part of the reason I felt so good going to church the next day was that it put me somewhat at ease.  I’ll pick up this story in the natural course of chronological narration, but I will go ahead and say that Pistachio is healthy, fine and well, in case you don’t want to read the rest.

Last night when I went to bed Harvey was, as is sometimes the case, lying in my spot.  Instead of trying to move him like I usually do I just figured that maybe if I plopped down on top of him he’d get the picture and move.  It half worked.  He scooted over out from under me, but I ended up spooning my dog most of the night.

We had made a veterinarian appointment for both of the dogs for 10:00 this morning at Dineen Animal Hospital.  Knowing it was going to be expensive, I’d asked Amanda to leave the credit card at home.  This, she forgot, so I tried to knock out a couple e-mails this morning, find a piece of relatively fresh Harvey poo (at the vet’s request) then had to stop by Amanda’s work before backtracking to the vet.  Not a huge deal, but it did take up a little time.

Both the boys are doing pretty much fine.  Harvey could be fed a little more.  The vet felt Bruce’s leg to see if he could figure anything out about the limp, but he said he couldn’t feel a break or tear so it was probably just a strain and we should let him relax as much as possible for a bit.  He also heard a heart murmur when he listened to Bruce’s heartbeat, but he said that it wasn’t uncommon in small dogs and that we should just continue to keep an eye on it.  Not the best news, but he said a lot of times nothing comes of it.

Along with the shots I got them plus the monthly meds for the two of them and Cobb, our cat, the animals got an almost $300 Christmas present.  Yeesh.

I went home and worked pretty steadily for a bit.  Finalized a few things, made the company some money, followed up with a few leads.  I left the house again at 2:15 (while talking on the phone) to go back to Amanda’s work, this time to pick her up.

When I got there she told me that her company was switching from a weekly paycheck to every other week.  I really liked having it every week because it made budgeting much easier.  I know it’s going to be the same amount of money either way, but I still prefer it the other way.

The last couple times we’d gone to the baby doctor it didn’t take long to get Amanda to the back to get weighed and have her pulse checked, but we’d spent forever, literally an hour or more I believe, in the back waiting room.  This time it didn’t take too long at all and I actually had Amanda back to work by 4:00.

The first thing they did was to have another ultrasound.  It was so amazing.  I mean, really, it was awesome.  Little Pistachio is much bigger now and, as I’ve said in my pregnancy updates, is shaped much more like a person now.  Not only was the baby moving its limbs around a little, but that sucker was jumping!  It was really putting on a show for us, the little ham!  That was really cool to see.  There was one time in particular that it sort of lurched backwards, like kicking itself against the wall of the placenta or the womb or whatever.  Amanda told the doctor (or nurse?) that she’d had some chocolate cake at work (yesterday was Allison Pargoff’s birthday, happy 30th, by the way, Allison) and guessed that it had given the baby some energy.  We could see the baby’s spine and face, although the face looked a little like a Predator.

The umbilical cord was much longer now too.

We were really excited to see the baby and got some new pictures, which I’ll scan in and share when I get the chance.  This ultrasound was much more comfortable for Amanda too, although they did follow that up with an exam.

Nothing else too exciting for the day, although Amanda had talked to her mom and Karen is considering paying for one of those 3D ultrasound videos.  If that happens I think we’ll want to wait until March to get it done.  The baby will be much more developed by then.

Zach Dotsey