I fell asleep with Bruce in the papasan last night.  He was all curled up and comfy and I didn’t want to disturb him, so I just curled up around him and dozed off until Harvey woke me up this morning when he and Amanda came downstairs.

Work wasn’t terribly busy today.  I don’t expect it will be very busy at all next week or much the week after, which will give me plenty of time to play Fallout 3 visit with family.

Amanda got off work early but spent most of the afternoon running around and shopping.

At 6:30 Port City Community Church had a showing of the movie Elf for the production staff and volunteers and their family members in the main room of the church.  Nick Warkentien was involved in helping set it up, so he was already out there.  We ended up sitting with him and Amy Warkentien (and Nick when he was able to join us) on one side and Nick Jones on the other.  It was really nice of PC3 to pull something like this together.  They’d even supplied bags of popcorn and drinks.

After the movie Nick had to stick around and clean up for a bit, but Amanda, Amy and I went back to our place.  I told Amanda she could ride with Amy so they could talk about pregger stuff.  At first we just sat around in the living room, but they got to talking about making jewelry so I was asked to pull Amanda’s jewelry equipment out of the storage space from the bedroom.  There was so much stuff though that they both ended up coming upstairs to the bedroom and sorting through it.

Nick joined us eventually and he and I chatted while the girls played with beads.  I showed him some pictures from yearbooks and such and Nick said something I’d never heard before.  He said he couldn’t see me in the pictures, but he could see Adam, my brother.  Looking closely, I think I could see it too.

I think I dozed off for a little bit after introducing Nick to one of my favorite books that I own: Mysteries of the Unexplained compiled by Reader’s Digest.  I found that book on my Aunt Robbie’s bookshelf when I was staying with her in Texas one summer.  It both fascinated and scared me.  It covers standard subjects like ghosts, UFOs and strange creatures, but it also looks at strange disappearances, spontaneous human combustion, possession and the like.

Zach Dotsey