This week our little Pistachio is much bigger than a Pistachio.  He or she is four to five inches and between three and five ounces.  Big kid, huh?  It’s getting stronger and looking more and more like a baby.  Even though the eyelids are still sealed the eyes are moving and the baby can perceive light.  It’s also becoming more sensitive to touch and, according to the book, will squirm if poked, but Amanda wouldn’t be able to feel it yet.

Amanda should be able to start feeling the baby moving inside of her within a few weeks, but for some women it’s as early as this week.  It wouldn’t be more than a slight flutter though.  The milk glands are starting to, well, produce and her veins should show up more since more blood’s needed there.  She should also have more blood in her, period, and so she may feel her heartbeat more.  Amanda hasn’t told me or indicated that she’s feeling or noticing any of that- it’s just stuff I’ve read.