Bruce got out for a little bit this morning.  There’s a board in the fence that had come loose, and I thought I had put it back on securely but I guess with all the wind yesterday (it was windy yesterday) that it had come off again and Bruce found out.  I had let him and Harvey out this morning and when I let them back in Bruce was nowhere to be found.  I discovered that the board was down again so Amanda and I scrambled to go look for Bruce.  I had Harvey with me in  case that would somehow help, and the two of us got about to Knotty when I heard Amanda call from behind that she’d found him.  Bruce adventured himself across the front yard and into the backyard of our neighbor, Mr. Henry.  Amanda picked him up and carried him back home with his tail wagging.  I guess he had himself a fun time.

Amanda decided to go to Jacksonville to check out Babies R Us and to register for our little girl there.  In the meantime, Nick Warkentien came over and we played Little Big Planet until I went to Seth Holloman’s to watch the Blue Devils take on Florida State.  I told Nick he could stick around as long as he wanted.

Oh, the Duke game.  It was 19-14 at half, which is pretty much yuck.  Both teams played good defense, but still.  Duke built up a 46-21 lead in the second half, only to let it slip away to the point that it got a little competitive in the final minutes.  Duke held on to win 66-58 though, powered by Gerald Henderson’s career high of 25 points.  He’s really emerged these last few games, and I hope it’s not just a streak.

Seth let me borrow a few Blu-Ray movies: Pineapple Express, Burn After Reading and Righteous Kill.  Dana was there for most of the time and Gavin was there the whole time, but he was napping until close to the end of the game.

On the way home I picked up some spaghetti and Texas toast for dinner.  Nick was still playing Little Big Planet and had caught up to where Amanda and I had left off, so I jumped on and joined him.  Amy, who had been working, came over.  I was going to make the spaghetti before Amanda got home but I sort of got caught up in playing Little Big Planet.  Amy had offered to do it, but I told her that since she had cooked for us all last night she shouldn’t do it.  She and Amanda ended up getting the dinner ready anyway.  Yes, my fault.

After we ate we watched Pineapple Express.  Though I’d heard it was funny,  I didn’t really have any expectations one way or the other for it.  I ended up thinking it was pretty hilarious.  It was so funny, then out of nowhere it would have violence, some of it oddly realistic followed by over the top crazy stuff, which made it all the better.

Zach Dotsey