I’ve had a lot of vivid dreams lately but I don’t usually remember them for very long.  I had two that I can recall pretty well last night.

In the first one, I was friends with Tina Fey.  She came over to my place, which was similar to an apartment I’ve seen somewhere, but I can’t quite place it.  She was sitting curled up in a papasan and I was sitting on a couch and we were talking about what movie to watch.  I wanted to watch The Hulk but she wanted to watch something else.  We were also being a bit flirty.

I then have some vague knowledge of Amanda having found out that I was flirting with Tina Fey and she kicked me out of the house.  Someone in Greensboro was friends with a college kid who was looking for a roommate so I moved into his apartment.  He and his friends were all Carolina fans and had Tar Heel posters up all over the place.  On top of that it was noisy and a little junked up, and I didn’t feel like I fit in at all.  I could look out my window at night and see people outside, walking around, being drunk and noisy at pretty much any hour, and all the time I thought about how Amanda was off getting ready to have our baby.

Why, Tina, why?

In my second, completely separate dream, Milly had just been born.  We were on the way home in one of the old vans my parents owned when I was younger and Amanda was nowhere to be found.  My youngest sister, Andra, said something about Amanda having disappearing after saying she needed to pee.  Anyway, Milly was hungry so we stopped somewhere to try to find some milk.  (I know, babies don’t drink regular milk.)  There was a Subway in the shopping center where we stopped, but they wanted $70 for two packs of milk in plastic bags.

Erin, my other sister, was with me, and as we were walking out of the Subway we found that Milly could not only walk a little, but she could talk as well.  Not full sentences or anything, but more like when a kid is first starting to make real words.  As we were walking back to the van we put the baby on a Power Wheels thing and she rode it down a hill.

She was a very pretty little baby, of course, with dark curls on her head.

Zach Dotsey