January 28, 2009



We are now estimatedly a little over halfway through the pregnancy, having just passed 21 weeks this past Sunday.  Last week we had our final ultrasound (barring any complications) and I took the opportunity to film the occasion.  If you’re on Facebook you’ve probably already seen this, but if you’re not (or you’d just like to watch it again), click the play button below to watch the video.  Being a recording of a monitor, it’s not the best quality, but everyone who’s seen it so far seems to have enjoyed watching it.

Ultrasound Video

The background music, in case you’re wondering, is Stall Out by Mutemath followed by Life in Technicolor by Coldplay.

Pretty nifty video, huh?  I just love watching her move.  You can see Milly  hiccupping and scratching her head and sucking her thumb.  What’s that?  Oh, yeah.


We’ve decided on a name and don’t mind sharing it.  The baby’s name is going to be Melia May (possibly Melia May Jane) Dotsey, and we’re calling her Milly.  Melia is my maternal grandmother’s maiden name (and my Aunt Robbie’s middle name), May (actually Mae) is Amanda’s maternal grandmother’s middle name and Jane is my paternal grandmother’s name.

We’ve been calling the baby “Milly” enough that I’m fairly certain we’re not going to change it, which is why I don’t mind sharing it.  Most everyone we’ve told so far thinks it’s cute.  If you don’t, as Amanda says, you go have your own baby and name it whatever you want.


If you’re on this list then you already know we’re having a baby (and if you didn’t then you definitely know now), but the video below is one taken the day we found out the baby’s sex.  Again, it’s on Facebook so some of you have already seen it, but we’ve gotten a lot of comments on it so I thought I’d share it with the rest of you.

I'm Telling Mama

The background music in this one is from Question by The Old 97’s, one of my absolute favorite bands.


Okay, this part has nothing to do with the baby.  The big news last Tuesday was not the Inauguration of Barack Obama, but the fact that we got ground-covering snow here in Wilmington, North Carolina!  That hasn’t happened in many years, and certainly not since I’ve lived here.  Here’s a short video of Harvey and Bruce out in the snow.  It was Harvey’s first snow, and what he does in it is, well, not entirely expected.

Snow in Wilmington

The music in this video is from White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes.  This song isn’t the best example of it, but they’ve got a very 70’s folk rock sounds to them.  Dad, if you’re reading this, I think you’d like them.