Today was busy.  It reminded me of times past, when I was just almost overwhelmingly busy.  It started off when I was told a client needed a project scope within about two hours.  I worked on it and got it all nice and professional, then when I went to save it I got a session timeout and lost it all.  I redid it, converted it into a PDF and sent it to the client with about twenty minutes to spare.

Also, the client I met with yesterday has decided to go with us.

So, we’ve decided to disband our small group.  It’s not something Amanda and I decided on lightly, but we’ve been discussing it and praying about it for a while now.  We don’t fault anyone, but between health issues and work schedules, for the past month only me and Amanda and Mike and Kaitlyn Boscaljon have been able to meet.  I talked to Mike when I got word that we wouldn’t be able to meet this week, and he said he and Kaitlyn had been considering going to the next Group Connection or joining an existing small group.  So with them gone and Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson’s schedule and Lisa Hauenstien’s health problems, there’s really no way we can continue.

Like I said, we don’t fault anyone.  Conditions just aren’t conducive to continuing the group as it is, so we’re going to start over.  I hate giving up on things, so I’m trying not to look at it that way, but it was really hard to make this decision.  Though we’re the only remaining original members, this small group has been in existence for just over three years now.  It’s the end of an era.

Amanda and I watched Heroes and House.  This was, I guess the mid-season premiere(?) for Heroes and skipped ahead a few months from the last episode.  The government is now hunting down people with powers and this episode ended with them all in a plane that’s about to crash.  As Amanda pointed out, Peter now has flight and super strength (assuming with the new mutation of his power he’s able to collect powers and not just use one at a time), so he could slip out of the plane and save it.

Milly was moving a bunch and I tried to capture some of it on tape, but she seemed to get camera shy.  In semi-related pregger news, Amanda got a leg cramp later in the evening, which was certainly no fun for her.

Zach Dotsey