Someone, given the targets I’d have to assume it was a Tar Heel fan, had to have put a basketball voodoo hex on Duke and Wake Forest tonight.  That’s the only reason I can think of that Wake got murdered by Miami to the tune of 25 points tonight, right before Duke got massacred by 27 by Clemson.  All I’ll say is that as I was watching Duke get their asses handed to them by the Tigers, I kept waiting to see a Duke run, but it never happened.  Gerald Henderson scored 16 and Lance Thomas came to play, but none of the rest of the team did.  Coach K was really, really not happy after the game.  It’s been a long time since Duke was blown out like that.  There, I’ve said all I’ll say on that.

The rest of the day wasn’t too bad.  Work was steady.  Amanda and I had some e-mail discussions with Justin and Lisa Hauenstein, so I think they’re pretty much at peace with our decision to end the group.  I tried calling Elliot Clark to talk to him about it, but only got his voicemail.

After work Amanda and I watched Scrubs.  Nick Warkentien came over around, I don’t know, some time before 8:30 I think, and Amy followed shortly after.  Nick was just getting off work and had gotten off sooner than he thought he would.  We watched Lost with them while I recorded the Duke-Clemson game so I could catch up after the show.

I spent the later portion of the night killing people with Michael Mercer, who, as a Carolina fan, was pretty gracious about not rubbing in such a terrible loss.  We played Resistance 2 on the PS3.

On another really positive note, some friends told us some really good news, but as nobody else knows (except Nick and Amy, because they were there), I can’t tell yet.  Suffice it to say, I’m really excited for them.

Oh, it snowed again in Wilmington this morning!  It was coming down very thick and fast for a while and started to cover the ground nicely, but it petered out and it had pretty much all melted away an hour or two later.

Zach Dotsey