We’ve got a number of bad things happening to people around us, and I’d like to take a moment to send up some prayer requests for each of them.

I talked to Bonnie Narron, our neighbor across the street, yesterday.  She told me that her husband Dave’s brother had been over to watch the Superbowl with them on Sunday then had a heart attack on I-40 the way home and died.  I had called her to follow up about the website we’re working on for them and was completely surprised to hear that.  They had been out of town the whole time, which is why we didn’t find out earlier.

I saw two e-mails that were sent at 2:00 and 2:30 this morning from Nick Warkentien.  His sister, Missy Warkentien, who is battling cancer, stopped breathing last night.  Their parents were on the way to the hospital when she started breathing again.  They had an idea that it had something to do with their house’s woodstove, so they stayed the night with some cousins.  I talked to Amy, Nick’s wife, today, and she said that apparently Missy’s got a collapsed lung.

The step-father of one of my co-workers, Josh Gitlin, is struggling with cancer as well.

Lisa Hauenstein continues to suffer with her back.  She and her husband, Justin, went to see the closest doctor who might be able to do something for her today in Myrtle Beach.  I talked to Justin this evening and he said that the doctor is going to perform surgery on Lisa, and they’ve got her scheduled for next Wednesday.  They’ll be there Tuesday for some pre-op stuff and head home Thursday.  In all the bad things, this is a blessing as it’ll be a proactive step for them that should have some real results.  She’ll be out of work for, I think he said a week and a half or two and of course she won’t be able to do a whole lot for a while afterwards.  But they’re really hopeful that the surgery will set things right.

Finally, I alluded to it before but did not mention it, but my brother, Adam Dotsey and his fiancee Renee Sikes have broken up.  I don’t know any real specifics, but I do know that she’s moving back with her parents for now in Gastonia.  Again, I don’t really know any details, but I know it’s tough for him.