From Nick Warkentien:

Missy was taken to the hospital yesterday, as she has been having trouble breathing. She’s had some x-rays taken, which shows a large white mass in her lung. This could either be pneumonia, a blood clot, a collapsed lung, or cancer. All of these things would look the same on an x-ray. It looks like the cancer has spread a lot since last we knew. It’s now possibly in her lungs and in her bone marrow. The doctors want to do a CAT scan so they can better determine what to treat her for, but Missy has refused it. She just doesn’t want to go through the pain. Her condition right now seems to be pretty serious. Doctors have told us that the cancer has spread to the point of no return. In other words, there’s nothing they can do for her. We still believe that God can perform a miracle in Missy’s body. No one, however, can bear to see her suffer any longer. Please pray for strength for Missy and our family, as well as peace with whatever happens from here on out. Thank you all again for your prayers.

Nick also mentioned in an earlier e-mail that Missy just doesn’t seem to have much fight in her.  Please continue to pray for her and the family.