I got my birth certificate today, since my mom overnighted it yesterday.  It came late in the afternoon though, and even though I left another message at the passport office at the post office, I still haven’t had anyone return my calls.

Yesterday, as you may or may not have noticed, Nick Warkentien was told that his sister, Missy, had about six months to live.  When he and Amy were over here for dinner the other night they were talking about going home to Michigan later in the week.  Today Nick called me and said they were told she has days, not months, so he and Amy are looking to get back home to Michigan as soon as they couldand ended up getting tickets heading out from ILM today.  I was on the way to go surfing with Lars when they called, but I told them Amanda would be more than happy to take them to the airport.  I wouldn’t have minded, of course.  We’ll be taking care of their cat, Gipper, while they’re gone.

I hate that for them.  I can’t imagine one of my siblings, the oldest of which turns just 29 tomorrow, having to struggle with something like that for four years and then being faced with the terminality of it all.  All I can do is continue to pray for a miracle, for peace for them all, and that Missy isn’t in too much pain.

Amanda told me tonight that she had talked to Bonnie Narron, who told her the circumstances of Dave’s brother’s death.  If you’ll recall, he had a heart attack traveling down I-40, which I assumed meant he had crashed.  That wasn’t the case though.  Somehow he was able to coast, and as a car was passing him someone noticed that he wasn’t driving and got the driver to stop and call for help.  It turned out that they ran into the neighbor of the person in the hospital somehow so the family was able to thank the people who did what they could to help him.

There’s no good segue from all that, but I picked Mike Boscaljon up at about 5:00 and we went out surfing.  The waves were definitely better than they were on Sunday and we had a good time.  On Sunday I was able to keep my head pretty dry and never went under or had a wave break on me.  Not the case this evening- that water was cold!

Zach Dotsey