Flight was fine, uneventful aside from a slightly bumpy landing.  Sat next to a guy named Dustin who was coming to visit his girlfriend, who had been there a month, and fly back home with her.

Was very cool to see islands as we passed over them on the way here.  As we were descending to the Liberia airport you could see the Costa Rican coastline and large islands of rock jutting up from the ocean.

Michael’s baggage made it just fine.

Met Warren Phillips (a guy Barry knows from Wilmington) and his girlfriend, Torri, at the car rental place.  Saw Dustin and his girlfriend, too.

Riding to Nosara now.  So cool to just even look at a different culture.  Very pretty, even though it’s the dry season and not everything’s green.  Would like to see what it’s like inside some of the houses we’ve passed, what family life and day-to-day life is like for these people.

The fence posts here are awesome.  They’re made out of tree branches stuck in the ground and many of them have leaves and sprigs and sometimes full new branches growing off of them.

The straps (supplied by Warren because Barry accidentally left his in the car in Charlotte) holding the surfboards onto the rental car were making a terrible noise, so I leaned out the window to tie a plastic bag on them.  Was much better.  I’m now a hero.

Zach Dotsey