Even though I’m in Nosara, Costa Rica this week, I want to keep up with what’s going on with my growing baby.  Apparently around now the conventional measurement is no longer crown to rump but head to toe, and Milly should be checking in at about fifteen inches.  So Amanda has a person over a foot long inside her now!  How crazy is that?  Milly should also be able to recognize Amanda’s voice around now.  I would guess that since Amanda’s generally with her 24-7 whereas I’m only around and talking about five or six hours a day that she might not recognize me as much.  Kinda sad, really, realizing how much time Amanda and I don’t get to spend together.

As for Amanda, I’m not there to know if it’s happening, but she might be experiencing edema about now.  Edema is a swelling of the hands, feet and ankles and is caused by fluids building up in body tissues due to increased blood flow and the uterus pressuring the vena cava, which is the vein that cycles blood to the lower limbs and heart.