I had a few dreams last night.  The main one I remember was one where someone lifted my brother, Adam Dotsey, up into a tree so he could take some eggs from a bird’s nest.  He got two eggs and was holding them up proudly when the bird who owned the nest started swooping at him.  Finally the bird dove straight for his chest and pierced it, leaving a wound.  The wound was round and had this greenish puss in it that would sort of ooze out but not come all the way out, kind of like when you squeeze a tube of something, but you don’t squeeze it enough to come out all the way and it sucks back in when you let go.

Anyway, I was carrying him around, trying to find help and he became ill.  He sort of shriveled up and became really weak.  We finally found a place with a bunch of kids who were in the same condition.  Adam was in pain, but they seemed to have moved beyond it.