I slept the last hour or so of the ride home last night, waking up just as we were passing exit 420 (the last exit on I-40, signifying Wilmington).  I woke myself up a couple times when I leaned on the (very sensitive) window button on the door and accidentally rolled down the window.  Michael had a good laugh at that.

I got home a little after 4:00 in the morning.  Michael took me home from the Frazelle house but we had to stop and get some air for his tires, then when going down Gordon Road he turned one road early and went the back way through his old apartment complex.

Bruce and Harvey were, of course, the first to greet us (Michael had to come inside to get his apartment key and laptop, both of which Amanda had used during the last week) and Amanda came down the stairs shortly after.  My how my baby Milly has grown!  Amanda’s belly is definitely bigger than it was a week ago.

Amanda and I talked until about 5:00 before going to sleep and waking up around 9:00.  After taking our time getting up I headed to the shower and washed the last remnants of Costa Rica from my body.  No more sweat, no more dust, no more nada from Costa Rica remains on me.  I was a little sad thinking about it.

Amanda and I celebrated being back together by grabbing a late lunch from Cracker Barrel then decided to spend the day just hanging out together.  We watched Duke beat Florida State (for the third time of the season) to clinch the 2009 ACC Tournament Championship.  Jon Scheyer won Tournament MVP, which was a great thing for him.  Milly moved around a good bit during the game, rooting on her team.

Speaking of Milly rooting for Duke, Stephanie (Talley) Woodside, a girl I went to high school with and keep up with some on Facebook, sent a package to us.  She’s a Carolina fan but works at Duke and we talk about games now and then.  Anyway, she sent us a Duke onesie, bib and set of pacifiers, which was just amazingly cool of her!

Other than that Amanda and I mostly caught up on TV for the night.  She watched some shows without me but we did have a full week of shows to catch up on.  We went out to fill the Jetta up with gas and pick up some more prenatal vitamins and milk then came home and continued to clear off the DVR.

Amanda went to bed around 8:30.  She was tired and Milly’s been pressuring her right side a good bit.  She also had a spot in her back that needed rubbing all week that I was put to service on for a good portion of the day.  Once she went to bed I cleared off a few things I knew she wouldn’t care about watching on the DVR, most notably the Duke-Boston College game, which was a tight one.  I think I’ll watch Duke-Maryland tomorrow.

The NCAA Tournament brackets came out today.  Duke is a two seed in the east, which means they’ll get to stay close to home and play in Greensboro, which has been good to them in the past.  It’s a pretty tough bracket though.  Carolina got a one seed and there were a total of seven ACC team that got into the tournament, a tie for most from a conference with the Big East and the Big Ten.

While we were talking this morning Amanda told me some bad news.  She had heard early in the week, Monday I think, that my mom’s papillon, Schatzi, had been run over and died.  She had gotten out and wandered down to the road.  I don’t know the exact details but I know my mom’s got to be taking it hard.  I can’t stand thinking about it, because she had a personality, you know?  I just keep thinking about the way she’d do her little growl when she wanted your attention, which was so cute.  She was such a sweet dog and she’ll be particularly missed next time I go home to visit my parents.

Zach Dotsey