My left arm started peeling when I was in Costa Rica, but today my right arm started peeling too.

I had a meeting scheduled for this morning, but when I went to start my car I found it dead.  My car has this tendency, when it hasn’t been driven in a while, to somehow let its energy drain out.  Amanda had forgotten to drive it a little while I was gone, so we had to jump it later on this evening.  The person I was meeting with was very cool about it, and we’ve moved the meeting to tomorrow.

You know what else happens tomorrow?  The NCAA Tournament gets under way.  I filled out a couple brackets today- one with Duke winning over Louisville and one with Louisville beating Pitt in the championship.  I don’t know, I might mess with that one some more.

The foot is feeling better today, thank you.  It’s still not at 100%, but it’s definitely getting better.

After Amanda and I jumpstarted the car (using Dave Narron’s jumper cables, as ours our thin and weak) I drove around for a little bit.  I put some air in the tires then went down the little bit of road on the left before you get to the overpass on Murrayville Road.  There’s a house and a field for flying remote control planes.  While I was down there Amanda asked me to go to the grocery store and pick up some cranberry grape juice, and I decided to go to Food Lion since it’s a little further away and would give the car a little more time to charge back up.

While walking in there I struck up a conversation with a girl who had a 16 month old baby girl with her.  I told her we were expecting one soon and she said she thought it was best to have a girl first, before a boy.  I told her that I was the oldest of four and that my wife is the older of two kids, the other being a brother.  She said she and her husband were the exact same, which I thought was kind of crazy.  The baby was making a lot of loud, talking noises, which the girl told me she had just started doing this week.

And speaking of babies, boy was Milly active tonight!  After Amanda went to bed she was moving around like crazy.

Amy Warkentien came by to borrow our wet dry vac.  Actually it’s Michael’s and he left it here after he moved out, but anyway.  She and Nick thought they’d fixed their water heater, but while they were both out today it flooded their house.  Doesn’t sound like anything was messed up though, which is fortunate.

Other than that Amanda and I watched Lost and I watched bits and pieces of NIT basketball games.  The NIT makes me a little sad, sometimes.  Kentucky, Georgetown, Miami, Virginia Tech and Florida are all in it this year.  Kentucky is the winningest college basketball program of all time.  I think Georgetown and Miami were ranked in the top 10 earlier in the year.  Virginia Tech was a bubble NCAA Tournament team this year.  Florida won back to back championships a couple years ago!  I can’t decide if it’s better to win the NIT or lose in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Natasha Richardson, accomplished actress and wife of Liam Neeson, died today of complications from a head injury she sustained while taking ski lessons.  From what I’ve read she seemed okay at first.  That seems so random.

Zach Dotsey