Amanda and I went home to let the dogs out then went back to the hospital.  Eventually saw Nick.  I stood up, happy to see him but he looked a little out of it and told us that Eli had been born but that after Amy got to hold him he was taken away for observation because he was jittery and wasn’t breathing like he should.  Amanda and I gave Nick a hug and let him go on his way.

I went to get something to snack on from a vending machine (halfway across the hospital) and when I came back Paul and Meagan Wicker were there with little Hannah.  We caught them up to speed then they went out to get some Burger King.  Shortly after they got back Nick reappeared and spent a few minutes with us and told us things look like they’re going to be okay.  We prayed over Nick and for Amy and Eli then Paul and I left to get some food for Nick.

When we got back Amanda and Meagan were helping move Amy to her room.  Paul and I eventually got to go back to the nursery and saw Eli, who has a full head of dark hair.  We only got to see him and Amy through the glass and Nick eventually went back there as well.  The rest of us left them to have some time alone and spent the rest of our time in a waiting room before finally leaving around 5:00.  I texted Nick to let him know we were taking off, and he hadn’t realized we were all still there.

Even though we’d done very little today Amanda and I were both very tired and lazed about most of the day, watching a little basketball and a few shows on the DVR.

Here’s the announcement Nick posted tonight on his site.

We are pleased to announce that Elijah Kennan Warkentien (Eli) entered the “real world” on Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 1:44 pm. He is 7 lb. 6 oz. and 20 inches long. Amy labored all night and half the day with this little guy! She did everything naturally. We had some complications with him right after he was born. He wasn’t really behaving normally. His cries were weak, and he was grunting a lot (a sign that something is wrong, evidently). He was also very jittery (another sign that something is not right). Most of his vitals were normal, although his oxygen level was lower than they were comfortable with, and his sugar count was really high. Also, he had a lot of mucus blockage that was making it hard for him to breathe. They ended up taking him to the nursery shortly after he was born to monitor and treat these problems. He had to stay in the nursery from about 2:00-8:30. I spent most of that time with the baby, trying to make (or answer) a phone call once in a while or check on Amy once in a while. During that time, Eli has slowly been making a turn for the better. His jitters are almost gone and he can breathe fine and cry fine. He’s still having a problem with some fluid (maybe in his belly, but possibly even his lungs). We’re having trouble feeding him, as he doesn’t seem to want to suck on anything. His oxygen level is still a little low. We were able to spend a few hours with him in our room tonight, but he will spend most of the night in the nursery being monitored. He will occasionally come into the room to try and nurse. Our little boy has some issues to work out, but it seems like he will be ok.

So, Eli, what to say to you?  We’re all very happy that you’ve arrived, although I’ve got to say you’ve given your parents and their friends a little bit of concern on your first day.  We know you’ll get stronger and healthier though and we can’t tell you how much we look forward to watching you grow and being a part of your life.  Assuming your parents don’t decide to move back to Michigan at some point I expect you’ll know us pretty well.

Amanda and I are having a baby in about three months, and since we live so close to your parents and you guys will be so close in age you guys will probably hang out a lot as babies and toddlers and we expect you guys will be lifelong friends.  Her name is going to be Milly and, if everything goes the way Amanda’s planning, you’ll become my son-in-law one day.  If that’s to happen I expect your parents will have raised you as a perfect gentleman.  Milly will have some competition though, since we know probably a dozen people who are or recently were pregnant, and most of them were having girls so it’s entirely possible that you’ll have your pick of lots of cute girls.

For the record, Hannah Wicker was there at your birth.  She was asleep for most of the time Amanda and I sat with her parents, Paul and Meagan, waiting on word of how you were doing, and I don’t think she actually saw you today, but she was there.

I also decided something earlier in the day.  Since neither of your parents cares anything really for college basketball, I’ll do what I can to make you a Duke fan.  I’ve already decided that, should you take an interest in it, I’ll take you and Milly to a game at Cameron Indoor Stadium when you guys are ten years old or so.  Hopefully our legendary Coach K will still be there.  Perhaps he’ll have recently retired and have been replaced by Jeff Capel or Johnny Dawkins.  Maybe I’ll teach you how to surf too, unless your dad picks it up in the next few years.  Then again, Paul would be a much better teacher.

Anyway, I just wanted to welcome you to the world, Eli, and to say that we’re really looking forward to being in your life and watching you grow and develop.

Zach Dotsey