Here’s the update Nick sent about Eli today:

Well, we will be spending one more night here at the hospital. Eli continues to do well. We were wrong about the blood culture test. It was not that he could be released 48 hrs. after the blood had been drawn, but 48 hrs. after they started the antibiotics, which was 3:00 yesterday (Monday). The blood culture is looking good though, and they don’t anticipate any further problems. They just want to watch him for one more night to be sure he will continue to breastfeed well. Also, they’ve been waiting to circumcise him until he was stable, so we will probably have to have that done tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey took some great pictures while he was here. I have a few here, and you can go to his website to look at the rest. Just click this link.

Work was again pretty busy today.  I spent a good bit of time on a couple project scopes.  I hope we get the projects, because I’ve come up with some innovative new things, I think.  The prices, for what they’re wanting, are pretty fair in my opinion.  Creating project scopes is pretty fun to me, but only when I’ve got time for them.

In chat today, my brother, Adam Dotsey, mentioned that he’d had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Doritos smashed into it for lunch.  I told him that nothing beats doing that with sour cream and onion potato chips, so on the way back from depositing my paycheck, I picked up some sour cream and onion potato chips and smashed them into a triple-decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

So here’s something that made me feel like an idiot today.  Last week, a week ago Monday I believe it was, as you may have read I severely hurt the second and third toes on my left toe by running through the house.  Well, today I was trotting upstairs and slammed the big toe of my left foot on the top step (which has a slightly different height from the other steps).  This time, though the pain wasn’t nearly as bad, I did let a wirty dord out, but I think it was mainly because I felt so stupid as to hurt myself on the same foot as before while running through the house and I was afraid I might have reinjured the already-hurt toes.  (I didn’t.)

Last Friday I e-mailed Tim Cain to discuss some small group stuff with him.  We’d talked vaguely about joining up our groups, since both groups consist of just two couples, and Friday I e-mailed him to discuss it.  He told me to catch up with him Sunday, so we talked about it after the 8:30 service at PC3.  His wife, Jenny, e-mailed me some details yesterday and we officially joined our groups tonight.

You should already know our small group story by now.  Nick and Amy used to be in the same small group with Tim and Jenny (along with Joel and Mia Kay, who are still with the Cains), but the group split into two.  Both of us were trying to add onto each other’s groups but we didn’t join together because we know the church is in need of small group leaders.  We decided to stay together for a while and then split again once it was time.

We met at the Cains’ house in Leland, pulling up to their house right behind the Kays.  We hung out for a bit, met their hyper puppy, Cash, then got to know each other a bit better before watching a video and going through some discussion questions.  We were so into talking and discussing that time got away from us and it was about 10:30 before we left there.

Mike and Sarah Nowack couldn’t make it tonight, as they already had an appointment to tour the maternity ward fo the hospital, but they should be able to join all of us together next week.  Amanda and I feel really good about this and are looking forward to revitalizing our small group experience.

I’m not sure where it came from, but I decided that I really want to visit Central Park in New York City at some point.  For some reason it just struck me today how cool it is to have that much nature in the middle of the greatest city on Earth.  Just thought I’d mention that.

Zach Dotsey