Amanda and I went over to visit with the Warkentiens this evening.  Since Eli has only been home for a few days, Nick and Amy were both a bit tired.  Mostly we sat around and held the baby.  He makes such funny faces.  Nick told me that the amount he cried while we were there is the most he’s cried so far, which really wasn’t too bad.  He wasn’t overly fussy.

So we hung out there for a while then headed on back home to let them get some rest.  I was hoping the Carolina-Gonzaga game would be a good one, but Carolina blew them out, which, deep down, I figured they would do.  Carolina was up 17 towards the end of the first half but Gonzaga went on a 7-0 run until Tyler Hansbrough got a basket just before the buzzer.  It was promising, but nothing really came of it.  They made another run in the second half, but then the Heels scored nine points in under a minute.

Oh well.  Good luck, Jeff Capel, Blake Griffin and the rest of the Sooner squad.

I talked to Dad earlier today to see if he’s heard that Billy Gillespie was already out as Kentucky’s head coach after two years (not nearly enough time to get his system in place, in my opinion) and that Billy Donovan, Florida’s coach, is rumored to be taking the job.  We talked about that for a minute, then I asked if he’d heard how Pap has been doing.  Turns out my grandfather is in the hospital again.  I really hope things change directions for him.

After that I played a little Killzone 2 with Michael, but I for disconnected from the server for some reason.  I’m trying to rejoin that game right now, but it’s full.

Zach Dotsey