It was announced just the other day that Seth Curry, younger brother of Stephen Curry (who has made quite a name for himself the past couple years), had decided to transfer from Liberty.  Several schools were interested in the leading freshman scorer in the country.  He had his first visit to Duke today and decided that’s where he wanted to go.  He’ll have to sit out a year, but he’ll still have three years of eligibility.  Pretty sweet.

Yes, the competition will be tougher than what he faced at Liberty, but he wants to go somewhere with a higher profile and he did face some ACC competition this year wherein he still scored well (I think about 20 points, but don’t quote me on that) even though he was the focus of the defense.

Also visiting Duke today was John Wall, the number one point guard coming out of high school for next season.  A lot of people think it’s a long shot that he’ll end up at Duke, but I’m holding out some hope.

In other basketball news, Carolina beat Oklahoma.  I really, really hope Villanova and stop the Heels.  More than almost anything, I do not want Carolina in the championship game for the NCAA Tournament.

Amanda and I went to church this morning, and I have to admit I got choked up.  When they do baptisms at PC3 (except for the week they did Don Senick’s) they show a video interview with the baptizee then they have the actual baptism in a small pool off to the side of the stage.  Anyway, this morning they showed a guy’s testimonial video then baptized him, and after that they showed a little girl’s testimonial video (they usually do two at a time).  I noticed, of course, that the two had the same last night and figured she was his daughter.  When the lights came back up after the video the guy baptized his daughter, which, as I’m expecting a girl, just tugged at my heartstrings.  I can’t remember which song the band played after that, but it was really good and Olivia just knocked it out of the park.

Amanda and I ran into Kyle and Lorin Van Zandt after the service and decided to grab some breakfast with them at Seet & Savory.  It was really good to catch up with them.

Back home I took a nap for about an hour while Amanda watched some Days.  I got up and went out to Wrightsville Beach to surf with Michael Mercer and Barry Frazelle.  Poor Michael- in the past two days he’s seen Lars’s butt and Barry’s, ya know, not butt, while changing into wetsuits.

I took out Barry’s Terry Senate board, which is about 6’7″ or so.  I only ended up really catching one wave, but it wasn’t the board.  The waves were, as I put it and Barry agreed, spiteful.  They broke pretty hard and there was quite a drift.  I almost ended up in the pylons of Crystal Pier while trying to get to shore.  Michael and I walked back up the beach with the wind tossing his board around (Barry’s board being so much shorter than the Banana, which Michael was using, was much easier to manage).  I went back out one more time because, being stubborn, I wanted to get at least one good ride in.  Michael opted not to.  I did catch a wave a few minutes after and saw Barry waiting on the shore for me.  Michael had gone in just before us.

Michigan State beat Louisville today, which isn’t good for my brackets.  I got home and watched Carolina beat the pants off Oklahoma, which not only hurts my bracket but also irritates the crap out of me.  Now my hopes are pinned on Villanova, but knowing how fate will want to spite me, I’m thinking the Wildcats will have a cold shooting night and get dismantled by the Tar Heels, then Michigan State will get beat by UConn and my two least favorite teams will face off against each other for the NCAA Championship.  I don’t want that to happen.  If  UConn wins then Jim Calhoun will have tied Coach K for championships.  If Carolina wins then they’ll have two more championships than Duke and Roy Williams will have won with his own players.

Thing is, Carolina beat Michigan State pretty well earlier in the season and would probably do it again, and I’d rather UConn win than Carolina, so….  Oh, it’s all so complicated.

After the game I took some pregger pics of Amanda.  Thirty weeks today!

I talked to my dad for a few minutes today and he said that Pap’s doing better and is going to be moved (or has been moved?) from the hospital back to a nursing home.  So while he’s still needing assistance and isn’t living at home, at least he’s doing better, which is good.

Zach Dotsey