So here’s something I meant to mention earlier.  Greg Paulus, the three year starting point guard for my beloved Duke Blue Devils, is trying his hand at football.  He was actually the top rated quarterback coming out of high school but decided he wanted to play basketball under Coach Mike Krzyzewski.  He had a workout with the Green Bay Packers and apparently has some interest from some other NFL teams but he’s also got interest from several schools, most notably Michigan.

If he transfers and plays a sport other than football he has another year of eligibility.  Duke doesn’t have any room at the QB spot right now and several places have shown interest.  His other option is probably to go play basketball overseas.  Whatever he does, I wish him all the best.  He’s always seemed like a great guy, the type you’d want your daughter to date and he plays his guts out whenever he’s playing.

Amanda and I went to a free dinner at Texas Roadhouse tonight.  Amanda’s name was submitted to something from the baby expo she went to with Nick and Amy Warkentien while I was in Costa Rica and so we got to do this for the price of listening to a presentation about fire safety.

Nick and Amy met us at the restaurant.  It was the first time they’d gone anywhere without Eli, who they dropped off with Kirsten Paschal to babysit.  Amy had asked us yesterday but she didn’t realize we were going to the dinner tonight too.

The presentation brought up a number of good points and we agreed to let them come by our place to give an estimate on setting up some better fire safety equipment.  I’m guessing the stuff is expensive though, and while we’re doing alright on money right now we’re still trying to stash a bunch away for when Amanda’s on maternity leave.

Back at the house Amanda and I watched Fringe then The Office.  Amanda went to bed after that so I watched an episode of My Name is Earl and a new murder mystery show called Harper’s Island.  Our DVR is hovering around 70% full, mainly because we’ve been really busy lately.  I’d watch some at night, but I don’t want to watch the stuff both Amanda and I watch (which is most of it).  On top of that the weather’s getting nicer which means I’ll be surfing more soon.  I suppose it wouldn’t be the worst thing if we ended up skipping out on a few shows.  Who knows how much time for TV we’ll have next year anyway?

Zach Dotsey