Amanda and I had macaroni and cheese tonight for dinner as we watched the season finale of Friday Night Lights on the DVR.  Amanda’s been in a bit of a mac & cheese mood lately.  I guess that and apple juice are her current pregger cravings.

Friday Night Lights has been renewed for, I think I heard, two seasons.  That’s good, because it’s a good show.  However, I don’t know what’s going to happen next on Friday Night Lights.  It seems that most of the younger characters will be gone next season.  Riggins, Lyla and Tyra will be off at college, they’ve already gotten rid of Jason Street and Smash.  It looks like Matt Saracen will be back, opting to forgo his dream of art school in Chicago to stick around and take care of his grandma and be near Julie.

That leaves Julie and Landry, plus possibly JD McCoy, as the main younger characters.  Maybe they’ll bring in some more.  Of course, Dillon High elected to move Coach Taylor to the re-opening East Dillon (which isn’t realistic, no matter what grudge he has with a rich guy, considering he took the school to the state game twice in a row), and this creates two good opportunities.  First, they’ll be able to introduce a lot of new players.  Secondly, even though the Panthers lost the championship game this year, it’s hard to be realistic and top the success they’ve had the past few seasons, so this will give the show a chance to start one of their best and main character back out from scratch.

I don’t know why I went on so long about the show.  At any rate, Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows on TV, and I’m glad NBC decided to stick with it.  Now if only they’ll do the same for Kings.

Amanda stayed up to go ahead and watch tonight’s episode of 30 Rock because I told her that Rhett Miller, lead singer of The Old 97’s, was going to be on it.  Unfortunately, it’s the season finale that he’s going to be on, so she stayed up for nothing.  I didn’t know I’d created such an Old 97’s fan in my wife, unless she just wanted to see him because he’s a nice-looking man, which may be the case.

Zach Dotsey