Work today was one of those days where it seemed like one thing came in after another after another after another.  It was a long day and I was glad to be able to get myself to stop a little after 5:00.

Amanda and I had been slack on doing our small group study throughout the week, so we did it after work and got through it pretty quickly.  This week was about modeling (or not) our own family lives, our marriages and the way we raise our kids, on the examples set for us by our families.  We had a pretty good discussion at small group and didn’t really get off on tangents too much.  It was a good discussion all-round, and even the new couple, Chris and Christy Sikes, got involved.

I actually got yet another inquiry about our small group from a couple who will be getting married in a few weeks today.  It’s crazy how just several weeks ago we were worried about having enough people to have an effective small group, and now, if everyone comes and sticks around, we’ll be pretty maxed out.  Pretty awesome problem to have.

My right elbow is fine, by the way.  Last night it hurt to even push myself off of anything, like when climbing into bed, but today I can press directly on it and it doesn’t really hurt.  It’s a little sore, but it’s not really painful at all.  There’s not even a bruise- just a small red line that I hesitate to even call a scratch.

In other news, I got in touch with two of the guys I used to work with at NLB in Greensboro- Will Lang and Jacob Fenno.  Will, it turns out, is one of the people on the Duke message board I’m on a lot.  I thought his name sounded familiar, but I didn’t really put anything together until I saw a picture of him on Twitter.  He mentioned that Fenno was on Facebook so I looked him up and sent him a message.  You know, that was probably the most insane job I ever had, but I have a lot of good memories from it and I learned a lot about myself.

Zach Dotsey