Amanda didn’t sleep well last night and wasn’t feeling the best today. She’s been cramping and the cramps have been stronger today. Despite this we started our Saturday in a classic way with some Brucey cuddle time and just spending some time together. We’ll miss it, but I think we’re both hoping it’s our last Saturday without having kids.

After we took a shower I decided to call my siblings to see how prepared they are to answer the phone in case Milly comes, my Emergency Baby Call Test. All of them, including my brother-in-law Michael, failed. To some credit, Adam called me back just a few minutes after my message and Andra was working. Erin’s in Myrtle Beach and I guess Michael was sleeping.

Mom called earlier in the day to see how Amanda was doing.

We picked up a little around the house but didn’t do anything major until around 2:00 when Amanda’s Aunt Ona and Uncle Peter Pickens dropped by the house to check out the nursery. They’re in town celebrating their anniversary for the weekend and decided to come see the house and take us out to lunch. We went, at Amanda’s suggestion, to Temptations. I had a bowl of cheese soup and a really good salad. Michael joined us and Ona and Peter treated.

I saw a giant bottle of the Chilean devil wine that we’d had in Costa Rica and bought a regular sized bottle to have after Amanda has Milly. It’ll be interesting to see if it gives her any vivid dreams too.

I took about a one hour power nap after we got home then we did a little running around. We went to AC Moore to get some scrapbooking stuff and a blank shirt (for an idea Kevin Millard gave me), to Wal-Mart to do some returns and get some supplies and then to Little Caesar’s to, well, get some pizza.

We went over to see Nick Warkentien after that. Amy was shooting a wedding and Nick was not only watching Eli, but Penelope Davis as well. We thought he could use a hand. Even though both babies were asleep when we got there he was glad we were there because Eli was very fussy during the time Penelope needed to be fed, so I took care of feeding her for him. She was such a happy and entertained little thing, even when she almost peed on me, my reaction to which Nick was very amused by.

I think the surf was good today, but we had a bIt going on plus it was overcast and dreary all day so I probably would have needed my neoprene top. Maybe it’ll be good tomorrow and I’ll be able to go out. I’d trade it, though, for Milly to be on her way by then. Amanda’s feeling pretty crappy, so while she’s a little afraid of facing labor, I think she’s ready to be done with it. It all seems so unreal.

Zach Dotsey