Dear Milly,

When I got out of bed this morning, the first thing I looked at was the cradle, and I thought to myself, “There should be a baby in that.”

I met your mother for lunch at J. Michael’s Deli today.  Her friends and co-workers Cyra Sherburn and Billy Supplee were going to go too, but Cyra had a lot to do so it was me, your mom and Billy.  There was a woman sitting near us who was very interested in your mom’s belly.

After work your mom and I went for a walk, which is one of the most recommended ways of hurrying labor up.  Her feet were swollen though, so we didn’t do that for long.  When we got back to the house she made some mac & cheese then sat on an exercise ball, which is supposed to help get you into position for delivery.  The ball is supposed to help that, not the mac & cheese.  We then tried looking up some pressure points that are supposed to help.  We couldn’t find any comprehensive info, so we didn’t try that for long, although, maybe coincidentally or maybe not, you sure did start moving after that.

Speaking earlier of getting you into position, we aren’t sure if you’re right where you’re supposed to be yet.  I think at this point you should be pretty much in a vertical position, but you seem to be either diagonal or maybe even high and horizontal.

We watched a couple episodes of House on the DVR then tried something else to get you moving.  So far, nada, although I did notice before your mom got into the shower (showers and baths before bed have been helping her relax) that her belly looks like it’s dropped a little, so that’s promising.

At this point I don’t have much hope in you coming in the next couple days.  I guess it’s easier to prepare for something you want to happen not to happen than it is to constantly get your hopes up.

Ideas + Ability

I helped Jason Revill, my friend who I’m assuming you’ll know decently well throughout your life, with an idea of his.  He was watching Yankee Doodle Dandy and was inspired for a t-shirt design.  He’s learning some Gimp, a free graphics program I turned him onto, but I was able to do just what he wanted in Photoshop.  In fact, he said I probably couldn’t have nailed what he wanted more than what I came up with after listening to his ideas.

Not that you’ll care any more than your mom did, but I’m pretty proud of the job I did on that logo.  It’s easy to put an image behind letters, but I converted a flag to black and white then spent a little time dirtying it up to give it a more vintage photographic look, added a sepia layer then blended it just so.

He put it up on, and I like the baseball tee version enough that I might just get myself one.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, my sunburn wasn’t that bad.  It might be because I got plenty of aloe on it last night or it might be because I took some online advice and mixed some vinegar into a hot bath this morning, but either way, while my back, shoulders and upper arms are a little itchy and sensitive, I’m not in pain.  The lesson still stands though- don’t forget to put on your sunscreen!