Dad just called with an update.  Just said Pap’s not doing too well and sometimes he’ll stop breathing for 30-40 seconds.  They’re putting him on morphine.  Still no timeline on when to expect anything.

My dad said he’s putting off going to Kentucky to wait for Milly.  I guess he already got to see his dad and communicate with him,so there’s not much point in going now when nothing’s happening.  I don’t know what he’ll do if Milly hasn’t come by the time there’s a funeral.  Hopefully, for him, my mom, me, and really everyone else, it won’t come to that.  Kind of funny thing is that everyone, even Tom and his crew from Washington State, are all going to be in Lexington in a few weeks anyway.  It would be a shame for a death and a funeral to overshadow the vacation, but it would be a good time for him to pass.  Everyone will be there already, and as I recall when my other grandfather, Pup Pup, died and that whole side of the family got together, despite mourning our loss we all enjoyed being together.

Anyway, Dad said everyone’s doing pretty well.  He and his siblings have been having conference calls with Baba and I think it will pretty much be a relief once Pap lets go.

Zach Dotsey