All of my family, that is, is now gone to Kentucky, not me.  Mom and Erin drove to Charlotte and picked up Andra and Addy and Adam got a flight from Wilmington to Lexington (only $10 more than going to Louisville- well worth the extra few dollars!).  I’ve gotten to where I’m cool with being here.  I expressed that to Amanda’s grandfather when he called and offered his condolences.

Earl told me that he had missed his grandfather’s funeral.  He had just gotten back on his ship a few days earlier after being on leave and they didn’t tell him for a few days.  That had to have been hard.  There’s something about going through everything at least mentally at the same time as the rest of your family.  Of course, Earl was also on a ship when his first was born, so at least I get one of the two.

Speaking of the firstborn, Amanda and I discussed it and I think we’re going with Omelia Mae.  Adding Maeleigh to it, while I like the name, just sounds off to me.  We could change the Melia part (we at least added the O), but then we’d either have to just name her Milly (we’re sold on that) or it would sound like you’re mispronouncing Maeleigh.

In other Milly news, she’s still not here, although we feel like it’ll be before long.  There’s been no real indication or anything, and it could just be that we’re just getting antsy, but we both feel like it’ll be soon.  Of course, it will be soon, one way or another, it’s just a matter of degree.

I’ve been listening to Rhett Miller as much as I can, which I tend to do when I get a new CD.  I don’t think there’s really a bad song on it, although Happy Birthday Don’t Die doesn’t quite fit in with all the rest of the album, in my opinion.  Not that that’s a bad thing.  Some of the songs sound very Old 97’s.

The last thing I need
Is another girlfriend
Two’s enough for me
Two is enough
And you would make three

I did another design that I was pretty happy with today.  The support side of the job has been a little slower lately and I brushed up on all the sales, which has given me a little bit of time to play with Photoshop a little, which I’ve been enjoying.  Not having gotten my fix with just work, I played around a bit with making some Twitter backgrounds, which could actually turn into a little more business money.

That’s about it for today.  Amanda came home and we watched the season finale of House plus an episode of The Soup from the DVR.  Bonnie Narron, our neighbor, took my car today so her husband, Dave, could do a few things with it.  He was going to fix the right blinker, which has been out for a week or so (probably just the bulb is my guess), give it an oil change and take a look at the window that doesn’t want to roll up and the air conditioning.  Lots of stuff, but at least the car’s paid off.

Exciting day, I know.  Maybe tomorrow will bring more excitement.

Zach Dotsey