Dear Milly,

I was watching something on the History Channel about Alexander the Great this evening when your mom, who had gone to bed just a little bit earlier, came down the steps at 11:45 and said she thought it was time.  I think the fact that I was watching something about Alexander the Great bodes well for you.

A few days ago your mom convinced me to buy an ap for the iPhone that measures, records and reports contractions.  I have a rule against paying for iPhone aps, but it was only a dollar.  We only measured a couple contractions with it then didn’t bother anymore because they were pretty close together already.

Upstairs, your mom called the OB/GYN and left a message.  We anxiously waited for the return call while making sure we had everything packed and ready to go.  We finally got a call back a couple minutes later (although it seemed like forever) and they told us to come on in.

We took care of everything, loaded up the car, called Nick Warkentien who graciously agreed to look after Bruce and Harvey then I think we left and got to the hospital at about 1:15.

You’ll be here soon, and we can’t wait to meet you!


Your daddy