I was right- last night was not fun.  Milly became reconstipated (which, if it wasn’t a word, is now) and was fidgety most of the night and was screaming when she wasn’t fidgeting.  Amanda and I did not get much sleep.

I did a bit of work this morning then a little after noon went to pick Michael up to get his car.  It turned out that when he renewed his lease he wasn’t given a new parking sticker so the one he had was expired.  Suck.

I’d like to mention here (for no reason than that I just thought of it) that Amanda’s a great wife.  There are things, just, you know, couple things, communication and whatnot, that we made some pretty good strides on in the past few months while she was pregnant, and she’s been great about keeping them up in the face of all this new parenting stuff.

I got back home and did a few items of work then Amanda, Milly and I packed into the car and headed to North Topsail.  Amanda’s aunts Patsy and Joanne, along with husbands Bobby and Pierre, plus her second cousins Terry and Tracy and their kids Ryan and Ricky were all up there.  On top of all of them, Karen, Peggy and Earl (Amanda’s mom and grandparents) were going to go see everyone there too.  Since the day wasn’t busy for me we went up to see everyone so all of them who hadn’t met Milly could see our new daughter.  Everyone was duly smitten.

This was, I noted, the farthest Milly has yet traveled from home.

It rained really hard on the way up, but it hardly rained at Topsail, which is under an hour’s drive from our house.  I had a power nap while we were there, thanks in part to the fact that particularly Karen, Patsy and Peggy all wanted to hold Mills, which is good because after we started on our way up there my fatigue started to kick in.  I stopped and got some sort of new Mountain Dew power drink with raspberry and ginkgo or something.  It wasn’t bad, but I could see it not being for everyone.

On the way home we stopped and picked up some Zaxby’s for dinner.  Milly, as I said, had become reconstipated, but the Mylicon we’d been giving her today kicked in while she was feeding.  In a continuation of yesterday’s Gross Baby News Milly pooped while I was changing her again, though the quantity was greater tonight, and yet another first, she peed on me just after that.  Gross as all that was, she was much happier afterwards, and so Mommy and Daddy were happier too.

Speaking of being happy, our camera charger arrived today and appears to be working.  At least, the charge light came on when I put the battery in it and plugged it into the wall, which is promising.

Amanda’s still stressing out about breastfeeding.  Milly just won’t latch on right and it causes Amanda a lot of pain.  She really wants to breastfeed, but she’s just not sure if she can stick it out.  I told her we should contact someone about it before giving up on it.  Maybe there are positions or tricks we can try to get Milly feeding right.

Zach Dotsey