I guess it was because we put her to bed early last night, but Milly was about half an hour early in waking up for everything last night, from her “11:00” feeding to her early morning wake up.  Somehow that made everything tougher on us, I guess because Amanda and I are adjusting to the schedule.  The good thing though is that it shows that Milly’s getting a good internal alarm clock.

I spent about half an hour this morning after eating my cereal and reading in the Bible playing with Milly.  She was in a good mood and was so cute.  I didn’t want to leave her when I did, but I had work to get to.

I talked to Scott first thing.  I guess he likes the way things are going right now.  Though I’m doing a lot more work, I’m liking it too because the work I’m doing is more interesting plus I am getting significantly higher commissions.  We’re going to keep trying it and see if it keeps working.

There was nothing to eat at the house today so I decided I’d walk to the store (and pick up some Chef Boyardee) and Amanda decided she’d go too and we’d bring Milly along.  I like walking to the store and prefer to do that as long as I’m not on a serious time crunch or I’m not picking up a bunch of stuff from the store.

We hit a snag with Milly’s insurance, but I’ve got to say I’m really impressed with how it all shook out.  I don’t want to go into details, but I’m thankful for the help we got to make it all come together.  The situation isn’t ideal (we’re having to get temporary insurance to cover August), but it’ll work out and Milly will be covered.

Twitter.  I thought it was a pretty silly and pointless thing at first, but then Nick Warkentien suggested I check out TweetDeck, and I’ve since found it much more useful.  Not only can I keep up with what friends are up to, I can check and update Facebook statuses, get local news, see what some Duke basketball players are up to, hear about recruiting buzz, get news of deals at local stores and all kinds of other things.

A while back someone who works for (or maybe is) another web design company here in Wilmington started following me, and when I saw that we knew a lot of the same people I started following him.  We chatted a bit today and I remarked that it was odd that we work in the same field and know so many of the same people, but we’d never met.  He suggested lunch, so I suppose I’ll be meeting with him next week.

Mike (Lars) and Kaitlyn Boscaljon came over and brought dinner from Subway tonight.  The main purpose was to discuss a t-shirt company they want to start and talk about what I can do to help them with a website.  I’m looking forward to playing an integral part in helping get their site going.

Amanda’s been very sweet lately.  I told her I love her even more now that we’ve made a child together.

Zach Dotsey