Amanda was in a good bit of pain last night from what she was previously told was probably not mastitis.  To make the night even more fun I had a call on my cell phone at 4:30 in the morning and Milly was fitful for a while thereafter.

I did finish a website today though, which is good.  It took less than a week I think.  It’s a pretty simple design, but one that is coded cleanly and gets the message across.

Karen Mercer, Amanda’s mom, came by today.  Her main reason was to watch Milly to give us some time to go out, but it was also nice because Amanda made a doctor’s appointment to get her painful boob checked out, which would have left me alone with Milly for a while as I was trying to get a lot done at work.

Turns out that she does have Mastitis.  It’s not uncommon, but it’s made Amanda feel like crap lately.  Thanks, last doctor who saw her and said to wait it out.  She could have gotten over it without nearly as much pain as she went through.

The main reason Karen came to stay, as I mentioned, was so Amanda and I could go out.  We had a gift card (also from Karen) that we were planning to use at Outback, but it was also good at Carrabba’s and that’s what Amanda wanted so I figured I’d be nice and we went there instead.

We had a nice time out, and I wanted to prolong it by going to a park or something, but Amanda wanted to be home in time to see Milly off to bed.  I won’t lie, I was a bit disappointed by that.  I mean, we had dressed up a little and had a nice time, Amanda had her first glass of wine in, what, a year?  I just wanted to spend some more time with her having fun and being out, just the two of us.  Karen was even surprised by how early we came back home.

I ended up going back to work after we put the Bug down and did that until about 11:30, pretty much finishing up another site that I’ve been working on.  After that, Karen wanted some help with changing some settings on her Facebook account, but she couldn’t remember her password.  On top of that, she couldn’t remember the password to her Gmail account we set up last time she was here, and then she couldn’t remember the site to check her work email.  I swear, we probably spent at least an hour, if not more, trying to help her remember her passwords and all.  It got downright comical.

Zach Dotsey