I’m tired from a late night last night following a discussion on the necessity of help during specific feeding times.

Amanda, Karen and Milly went to Barnes & Noble today where Amanda picked up The Sneetches and Yertle the Turtle along with a non-Dr. Seuss book, Goodnight, Moon. Karen left shortly after they got back.

Milly had her first trip to Wal-Mart today.  Amanda and I went there to check out Similac.  We’ve been using Enfamil because we had some coupons for it, but we now have coupons for Similac so we’re going to ween Milly onto that.  Baby formula is not cheap.

In Milly development news, Milly discovered her right hand today.  She’ll just hold it, all clenched up, in front of her face and just stare at it.  I don’t think she realizes that she has a left hand yet, even though she’d grab her right one with it now and then.

Zach Dotsey