I’m just about finished with another website today.  I’ve got a few minor things I think I need to tweak I think, but it’s pretty close to done.

Amanda got to take a nap today.  That’s notable in that she generally has trouble napping.  Milly napped along with her, but she was sleeping on her side, which I don’t think she’s done before.

I was playing with Milly today while she was lying in her pack & play and I started sort of sticking my tongue out, sort of flicking it, and making a noise, which seemed to entertain her.  After a little bit of it, she started sticking her tongue out too, looking like she was imitating me.  Michael came over later for dinner with the girl he’s seeing, Jenn, and he was doing these spit noise things with his tongue at Milly and she looked like she was trying to imitate him then too.

Jenn seems like a nice girl.  She was a little quiet, but I think she was nervous meeting us.

Milly was really sweet going to bed.  She was just in such a good mood after I fed and changed her.  I love that she’s happy when she’s going to bed, but I hate leaving her then too.

My parents got in tonight for a visit.  This is only the second time my dad had gotten to see Milly, the first time being when we were still in the hospital.  We had a good time talking and visiting with them and they got to see Mills for her 11:00 feeding.  After that we introduced them to The Soup.

Zach Dotsey