I started off the day walking to the store with my dad so we could pick up some things for breakfast (which he sprang for).  We talked about a few things on the way up there, most notably what other family members are up to, savings and Kentucky basketball.  We have wildly different views on UK’s hiring of John Calipari.  I’ve never liked the guy and think he’s scuzzy, he, like most of the state of Kentucky, is excited because he brought in a ridiculous recruiting class.  I told my dad that recruiting nothing but one & done players is going to catch up with UK and that they’ll start losing scholarships, which he said was fine as long as they won a championship in the process.  Of course, that’s not going to matter if it gets stricken from the records like his two Final Four appearances, will it?  But it was really nice taking a walk and spending time with him.

After breakfast and getting Milly ready we all headed out to the beach.  My dad reminded me of a kid, he seemed so excited to get out on the sand and in the water.  I spent the whole time surfing while Amanda and Milly took a walk with Anna.  She didn’t want to keep the baby out in the sun too long so she went to hang out in the Frazelle house for a bit then took another walk before we all left.  Mom and Dad seemed to spend most of their time in the water and I saw them holding hands some, which was pretty cool.

Michael came out and surfed eventually.  On Barry’s suggestion I took Terry out and I told him to tell Michael when he got there to bring out my board and I’d switch up with him.  That Terry Senate board is so smooth.  That’s just the best word I have for it.  I caught quite a few waves with it, but it’s so responsive that it took a bit to adjust to the way it turns and all.  I actually did better with that board then with my own, which Barry attributed to the type of waves.  Anyway, by the time Michael got out the waves weren’t breaking all that great anymore.  On top of that, today was the Wahini contest so there was a very limited space to surf in.  It wasn’t as crowded as it was last year though.

We spent, what, two or three hours out on the beach then headed home, stopping by the Smoothie King to grab some smoothies on the way.  Mom and Dad left a little while after we got home.

Milly discovered her feet today.  She was bent over (not looking very comfortable, but hey, she’s a baby and they’re comfy in the oddest positions) just staring at her feet and grabbing at them.

Nick Warkentien stopped by.  Amy and Eli were out of town and he wanted to pick up the mower.  I think he planned to just stop by real quick but we fed him some leftover Hershey pie dessert and he hung out with us for a little while.

Amanda and I watched Whale Wars then she went to bed after I saw that Unforgiven was on.

Zach Dotsey