Amanda and Amy went for a walk on the beach with Milly and Eli today.  I think they both took slings.  Amanda used the new giant sheet sling she bought the other day and let Amy use the one we already had.  Amanda’s a bit too small for it.

Only other big thing of note for the day is that we had small group.  A couple couples couldn’t make it, which we knew ahead of time, and it was the first time the Sikes(es?) have been in a while, so we just called the night a social.  Milly and Lauren Nowak got to hang out for a few minutes before the Millster was shipped off to the crib.  Christy showed up a little later with Addison, who is getting so big now.  She’s crawling all over the place and pulls herself up to stand against things with ease.

Most of the night was spent with the ladies in the living room and the fellas in the kitchen.  I think the girls talked about babies.  Mike and I mostly talked about movies for a while, and when Chris got here we talked work and techie stuff.

Zach Dotsey