I think I’m getting sick, which sucks.  In fact, at this point I think it’s safe to say that I am getting sick.  Runny nose, scratchy throat… yay.  What impeccable timing too, given that we’ve got the best waves of the season coming in.

So, starting out with the usual, I thought Milly slept until about 6:30, but Amanda mentioned having gotten up about an hour earlier to change he diaper.  I slept right through that I guess, but I did get up at 7:30 to take care of her when she was crying at that time.  On the other side of the coin, Amanda didn’t realize I’d gotten Milly up and had planned on doing that herself.  I think we’ve both, by and large, been pretty selfless in getting up and taking care of the Millster as needed.

There’s something I did at work today that I really enjoyed.  I started importing an old site into our CMS system yesterday, and in the process I noticed that some of the code for the gift cards and newsletter subscriptions was very out of date.  The way the site is currently set up you have to go through two or three different pages to buy a gift card.  One feature is that you get to choose the design of the card, but you have to click on a different page to do it.  I consolidated it all into one page and made it so you can look at and choose the cards on that single page.  Not a big deal, but I enjoy coming up with different ways to do things.

I picked Seth Holloman up from work today and we went out to Wrightsville Beach to surf.  I took out Terry so I let him use my board.  Speaking of using my board, unknown people have been using it lately.  Barry told me that he and Anna had put notes on it and moved it, but it’s still been used by someone.  I don’t mind people I know asking me if they can use my surfboard- chances are I’ll tell them they can, but I do not like unknown people taking my board out without my knowledge or permission.

Anyway, Seth and I went out, and Barry went with us for a little while.  It was packed out.  The forecast for the waves had them being decent today and building through Saturday, thanks for Hurricane Bill.  They were of a nice size, but some were a little hard to catch and between that and the number of people out Seth and I didn’t catch a whole lot for a while.  We got out of the water and just sat on the beach for a while then, towards sunset, decided to get back in for a bit.  I’m glad we did because the crowd had thinned out and the waves seemed to be easier to catch.  We both got some pretty decent ones.  Seth said he was definitely glad we went back out.

I had tried calling Michael to see about going out, but he never got back in touch with me.  When I called Amanda as Seth and I were leaving the Frazelles’, she said she’d finally gotten in touch with him and told him about all the surfing going on.  He said he’s going to a concert in Virginia Beach tomorrow and thought the waves might be too big for him on Saturday.  Oh, I just had to call Barry and tell him that one!

Amanda asked me to pick up something sweet for her on the way home.  I was thinking smoothie, but she called me back a few minutes later and said she was more in the mood for a muffin, so I got my smoothie at Smoothie King and picked up a blueberry muffin for her at Starbucks before coming on home.

I was thinking, as I was driving on my way to get my smoothie, that the best thing after a surf session is a milkshake.  Unfortunately, a milkshake undoes most of the good you just did your body with the workout that is surfing, and the next best thing after a surf session is a smoothie.  I loves me some smoothies.

When I got home I watched the end of a 30 Rock where the cast sings Midnight Train to Georgia.  Amanda was just tickled with it and had recorded it for me.  We then watched a new episode of Ghost Hunters.  I fell asleep during the second part.  I tend to do that.  No offense to Jason and Grant, I just somehow seem to be pretty tired a lot when watching it.

I woke up at about 11:30 to the sound of Amanda burping Milly on the baby monitor.  (It was the patting on her back that woke me up, not a burp.  I’d have been impressed had it been a burp.)  I went upstairs and Amanda handed Milly off to me, saying that she couldn’t get her to take down her last ounce of formula.  After my daughter smiled at me for a little bit she drank the rest of the formula on down.  She was very squirmy when I tried to swaddle her, so much so that Amanda eventually pinned down one of her arms for me, but we finally got her all wrapped up and off to dreamland.

Zach Dotsey