Today was Peggy and Earl Lemons’ wedding anniversary.

Had the usual big country breakfast at the beach, capped with Earl Lemons’ famous cheese biscuits.

Barry arrived just before breakfast.

Jon, Denise, Jonathan, Cailey, Matt and girlfriend Caroline arrived.  Played in sand with Cailey, who took to me pretty quickly.

Jonathan and Anna Hawkins were very good with Milly, but Tripp was really good.  Kind of surprised me how good he was with a baby.

I went surfing, and it was the first time I used a rash guard this year.  The earlier surf was really good, went up a wave and back down on Basher.  Later surf was good but hard to get out on.

Went back to the house we’re staying in at 7:30 or 8 to feed Milly and put her to bed after dinner.  I missed hanging out, but a lot of people came over and played Mexican Train.  Paul may have won Yahtzee last night, but he lost pretty good tonight.  I think Anna won, maybe?

Zach Dotsey