Milly went back to doing just fine last night.  She woke up around, I don’t know, 6:00 maybe?  I changed her diaper, she rolled over, gave me a smile and went right back to sleep.

Really not a whole lot to talk about today.  Did some work, Milly was pretty content most of the time that I had her by myself, but she got a bit fussy later in the day.  Amanda and I went for a walk after dinner and watched the usual Thursday night TV.

We did make sure to watch Jeopardy tonight.  The daughter of one of Amanda’s mom’s friends (or something like that) was on it.  I think Amanda said she’s a teacher in Jacksonville.  She actually ended up winning, so I guess we’ll have to make sure to watch it as long as she’s on there.

I think at this point Amanda and I both are done with the Joe the Plumber discussion on Facebook.  I decided not to touch it anymore a couple days ago.  Amanda gets a bit worked up about it, but she declared herself done with it tonight.

Zach Dotsey