Apparently I’m filling in for Zach today while he plays Tony Hawk.  I’ll try to use as much detail as possible, as he does.

So, today started out with me sleeping in for a bit while Zach fed Milly.  He often lets me sleep until he starts work at 9:00 since I have to get up at 6:30 for work Mon thru Thur.  Mills and I just hung out in the living room for the morning while Zach did some work.  She was very talkative today.

At about 11:30, after getting Milly all prettied up, us girls headed for the mall to meet GG and Granddaddy and the Frazelles.  After I was done, I let Milly lick some chicken salad off my finger.  She liked it much better than the applesauce.  Kirsten held Milly for a bit (I love all the attention she’s shown Mills lately).  She was so happy just sitting there talking to Kirsten and Hannah.  After sitting there for a while, it was time for the shopping spree to begin.

We started out at Baby Gap.  They have the cutest little clothes!  My favorite was a pair of jeans with a little elephant on the back pocket.  Then we headed to adult Gap to meet back up with the Frazelles.  We found a $7 shirt for Zach.  He wore it tonight and I have to say he looks quite handsome in it.  Next we headed to Ann Taylor Loft.  Yeah, I know this is supposed to be a shopping spree for Milly, but GG had a coupon.  I came out with three tops.  Then we continued shopping for Milly at Children’s Place and then at JC Penny’s.

While we were in Penny’s, Anna called.  Granddaddy had been trying to get up with us on my cell, but couldn’t get thru.  He had left us pretty early on to go to a doctor’s appointment.  He’s been having some trouble with his hands, which is a big deal for a carpenter.  They think it may be trigger finger, but they aren’t totally sure.  They gave him three shots (I’m guessing Cortisone).  If that doesn’t help, he’ll come back so they can try something else.

Anyway, Granddaddy met up with us at Penny’s.  I told him to give me his cell so I could see if the number was in there wrong since he said he couldn’t get the call to go thru.  He had left off the last digit.  I fixed it, so he should be good now.  Old people and technology.

After Penny’s we met up with Anna and Kirsten again.  Kirsten was just dying to see Milly one more time.  Then I grabbed Zach some Starbucks lemon pound cake (He’s looked, thanks to Barry) and a mocha for myself and headed home.

After Zach finished up work, we headed to Mike and Kaitlyn Boscaljon’s for dinner with most of our old Small Group.  It was nice to catch up with everyone.  We stayed until a little after 9:00 and then headed home.  It’s amazing how awesome Milly is.  She went to sleep in the guest room with no problem at all.  Then we got her up, came home and put her in her crib.  She fell back asleep in no time at all.  I know we’ve said it a gazillion times, but we are so blessed to have such an easy going baby.

That pretty much leads us up to now.  I’m getting ready to head to bed.  Guess Zach will stay up for a bit to play PS3.  Then he’ll probably check behind me to make sure I did a good job on the post.  I’m sure something didn’t meet his great blogging standards.


Amanda Mercer Dotsey  :O)