After getting Milly up, fed and dressed, then taking showers ourselves, Amanda and I went to Sam’s to get some more Enfamil then scooted over to Old Navy, where they had a 50% off sale on outerwear today.  Amanda picked a couple things out for Milly, but the lines were ridiculously long so we ended up just leaving, which is probably just as well.

After that we headed over to Wrightsville Beach to see the Frazelles and take a walk on the beach.  I ended up helping Barry back some files up on his Mac because he was going to reinstall the operating system, which is a few years old.  It needed it, too.  It probably took more than five minutes for that thing to reboot.

We took our walk with Barry and Anna, but Barry didn’t get too far because their dog, Scout, got tired really soon after we got out there.  Anna mentioned that he probably wouldn’t be brought out on the beach much anymore for walks.

Milly got to taste a couple new things today.  Barry had a chocolate-dipped granola bar still in the wrapper that Milly was enjoying playing with, so I actually let her lick the chocolate off of one.  She really liked it and had chocolate all over her mouth and running, mixed with drool, down her face.  Later on I let her try a granola bar without chocolate and a BBQ potato chip, which she also enjoyed licking.  I didn’t think her reaction to that would have been so positive.

So the tally so far is BBQ chips, chocolate, granola bars, pizza sauce and chicken salad mayo sauce = yummy, apple sauce = icky face.  My girl’s going to like junk food.

When we got home Amanda and I (mostly I, but Amanda seemed to look forward to it despite not liking football) watched Duke play at Carolina.  It was Duke’s most favored chance to beat Carolina in a really long time.  The end of the first half saw the score tied at six all, all points scored on field goals.  Carolina turned it up in the fourth quarter though and ended up winning 19-6, which was disappointing.  Duke’s offense just couldn’t do much.

Amanda went and got us some chips and some sandwich supplies, but one of the bags of chips was nasty and stale, though it was still sealed when we got it and the date on it was fine.  I took it back at halftime and checked the new bag before I even got out of the store.

Amanda folded a bunch of clothes tonight.  We got into laundry mode for the day because we had some clean clothes sitting on the guest bed that Cobb decided to pee on.  I blame ourselves because the litter hadn’t been cleaned in a bit.  Still, it’s frustrating.  Fortunately we don’t think the cat pee went through to the mattress.

I tried something new when I gave Milly her bath tonight, and that was to just pour the cup full of water that I use to rinse her right down her head, not worrying about directing it away from her face.  It didn’t seem to bother her at all, which bodes well for her living at the beach.  More importantly, it made all her hair go down in front of her face, like bangs.  She has some hair that comes down past her eyebrows, but what I want to get at is that when I did that and then she opened her eyes, I think I could see her as she’ll look as a little girl.  I mentioned a similar vision in regards to Eli Warkentien a while back, but now I can see it with Milly, which is pretty cool.

I talked to my mom for about a half hour tonight.  I think the commute to Rochester during the week is tough on her, but it sounds like she’s pleased with a lot of stuff going on at home.  At the end of our conversation, talking about Milly, Mom agreed that she’s a very pretty baby, but she also said that she’s very endearing with her little personality.  In my best Robert Barone: “Everybody loves Milly.”

Zach Dotsey