Retribution for ’99 and ’04!  Okay, not quite.  The Huskies still owe the Blue Devils two NCAA championships, but still, Duke beat Connecticut pretty handily this evening.  It was an ugly brawl, Singler was in foul trouble and only made two field goals, the three main big men (Miles Plumlee, Brian Zoubek and Lance Thomas) all fouled out, Duke shot 29%, officiating was horrendous and my team blew an 18 point lead to win by nine, but the game made a statement.  People have talked about how soft and unathletic Duke is, especially in comparison to a team like UConn, but Duke killed them on defense and rebounding.  It was a statement game and a really good win.  This game also makes Duke 5-4 all time versus UConn.

Last night Michael and I watched a movie called Baghead.  I really kind of liked it.  After we watched it I slept downstairs last night because I was coughing and didn’t want to disturb my two favorite girls.

Amanda and I met with Sarah (who actually went to Duke and helped in the athletic department I believe) and Mike Erreca for lunch at Arnold’s.  Sarah, who is a friend of Amanda’s from high school, brought her parents along and Karen (who works with Sarah’s mom) showed up too.

I met Mike and Sarah (funny, I just realized they’re not the first Mike and Sarah we know, and in fact you could say they’re one of three if you include a past relationship) at their wedding, but I really enjoyed talking to them.  I think Mike and I have a similar sense of humor.

Everyone loved Milly, of course.  She was passed around the table a couple of times and behaved herself pretty well for the most part.

After we finished and hung out a bit, talking, Amanda, Milly and I were invited over to the Barbee house (Sarah’s parents) to help them get rid of some of their leftover Thanksgiving dessert.  Amy Farmer called as we were leaving Arnold’s to say that she was heading back home, but she was nearby and stopped off in the parking lot to see us.  Then, on the way to the Barbees’, Amanda saw Brad Failor, another old friend of hers, outside of his house, so we turned around and talked to him, his wife and his brother for a few minutes.

I really liked the Barbee house.  It’s very open and uses a lot of wood.  While helping them get rid of their desserts, I dipped my finger into some cranberry sauce and let Milly have a taste.  She become like unto a crack addict for it.  I mean she really liked the stuff.

Once we got back to the Mercer house Amanda and Karen took off to do some shopping in Jacksonville.  Michael and Jenn were already there and I think Phil was in the shop.  Milly took a very short nap before I gave her her 4:00 feeding, including some rice cereal.  It was the first time that I think I came close to making it properly.  Before it was way too runny.  It was a little on the thick side this time, but she ate it all up after her bottle.

Milly and I watched the Duke-UConn game, but she started getting fussy so I put her down for a nap a few minutes before Michael and Jenn got back.  She didn’t stay down long, but she was in a good mood when I got her back up.  Amanda and Karen got home just a little before the game ended and we all ate pizza for dinner.

A little later Amanda, Karen, Michael Jenn and I played Scattergories.  I thought I stood a good chance of winning, but Karen beat me by two point.  The rest of the order of winning continued in age order, from oldest to youngest.

Zach Dotsey