Not too much to talk about on the morning.  Karen and Phil went to church, I fed Milly while Amanda packed everything up, we stuck around for lunch then headed on home to Wilmington.  Michael and Jenn started off right behind us, but I passed a slow car on one of those desolate country roads that we take and never saw them after that.

So, once we got home we heard Cobb meowing loudly.  It turns out that we (probably I) had shut him in the guest room.  On Thursday.  Four days ago.  No food, no water, no kitty litter.  He tore up some of the carpet by the door and had messed with the blinds on the window.  He pooped and peed on the bed, and it went through to the mattress so we’ll probably have to buy a new one.  And it’s not like I can be mad at the poor cat.  Funny thing is, once we brought him some food and water he didn’t gobble it down like we expected- he just wanted attention and loving.

Amanda and I both ended up feeling too lazy to go to an evening church service, so we cleaned up the DVR a bit instead before she headed off to bed.

I watched Carolina beat Nevada.  They still aren’t looking good though, and Nevada was in the game until the end.  The bench was pretty short and the Tar Heel freshmen were pretty ineffective, but the Carolina fans on the message boards were pretty happy regardless.

After Amanda went to bed I watched Robin Hood, which was the penultimate episode of the series, or, as we call it in America, the season.  They killed Alan A’Dale, which is a shame.  I liked his character.  I’ve decided I like Guy of Gisborn teamed up with the band, as unlikely as I think it would be, given that he killed Marian at the end of last season.  I also don’t buy Robin’s romance with Kate.  I think she would have been much better with Much.  Anyway, I still like the show and like how this episode ended, with the original Sheriff of Nottingham about to lay siege with a giant army to Nottingham, which Robin and his men (along with a bunch of untrained villagers) only just took over from the current Sheriff of Nottingham.

After that I watched three episodes of Wolverine and the X-Men, all of which came on tonight.  It covered The Phoenix Saga, which I think was done decently well.  What I liked best though was that at the end of it they alluded to the Age of Apocalypse storyline.

In Milly news, she was a bit fussy today, but given that she’s been away from home for an extended period of time and has been passed around to be played with by so many people every day, not to mention that we’re still waiting on her teeth to come in and she’s had a bit of a cough, I don’t blame her.  One cool thing though is that recently, particularly yesterday, she’s started reaching out when she wants to be picked up or to go to someone else.  It was even more noticeable that she was doing that today.

Zach Dotsey