Amanda had an industrious day today.  She got a good bit of laundry put up and picked up upstairs a lot then started catching up on some scrapbooking.  (That sentence had a lot of “up” in it.)

Meanwhile, I worked pretty much straight on until 8:00.  I took a break to help feed Milly and put her to bed then worked until 10:00.

On the subject of Milly eating, she managed to twist of the the Bumbo tonight, which is where we sit her to feed her once she’s finished her bottle.  All I heard was the smack of her hitting the floor, but Amanda said she was leaning out so much that her face was really near to the floor so she didn’t actully fall much at all.  She cried a little but then we stuck some food in her mouth and that seemed to make it better.  I told Amanda that was not a good precedent to set: food will make it all better.

Amanda moved Milly to the highchair after that, but she hasn’t been in it very much and was really distracted by things as interesting as the straps holding her in.  Amanda’s mom, Karen, arrived at our house just as we were finishing getting Milly ready for bed.  Karen went on and on about how her grandbaby just keeps getting prettier and prettier.  Milly gave her some nice big smiles.

In good news for the day, Coach David Cutcliffe gave the University of Tennessee an ultimatum yesterday, saying they needed to go ahead and hire him in the next 24 hours or it was off.  I think his reasoning for this was that it’s a big recruiting weekend, and with the head coaching position up in the air like it was he’d miss out on some recruits if he ended up staying at Duke.  But then this morning he withdrew his name from consideration, to the adulation of many Blue Devil fans.  I think it’s a great move for him and it definitely benefits Duke.

In sadder news, Jason’s mom, Margie, took Sophie to the vet today to have her put down.  Jason told me that his mom said the shadows of the trees they were passing while in the car gave Sophie seizures and it sounded like the vet agreed it was time.  I could tell he was a little choked up.  It made me sad too, not just because I could empathize with him but because I remember when they got Sophie.  They’ve had that dog for half our lives.

We’re going to eat at Cracker Barrel in the morning, as we often do when Karen comes to town.  We called Michael to let him know and after some cajoling (because 10:00 is too early) he said that he and Jenn would be coming too.

Zach Dotsey