I started the morning going to pick up a check from the client I met with yesterday then Kevin Millard came over and we talked about a website idea of his, as well as going over his existing site a little.  Amanda left the house a few minutes before Kevin got here to do some running around and Milly was taking a nap.

I spent the vast majority of my day working on a design and I think it’s a pretty nice one.  The layout is simple, but I used a good bit of subtle gradient and some patterns in it.  I was working right up until dinner.

Milly was in a particularly good mood today.  She was very talkative.

The Warkentiens came over tonight for a pasta dinner.  After we ate and got Milly and Eli to bed we watched Fringe, and when that was just about over my brother, Adam Dotsey, came over.  We introduced him to Puerto Rico, which he picked up pretty quick.  At the end when everyone was announcing their scores I was optimistic about my chances for winning as I had a surprising lead over everyone else until Amy said her score.  So I came in second place.

Zach Dotsey