Looking at others sometimes gives you a different perspective of yourself.  My first little sister turned 30 today.  It’s one thing to turn 30 yourself, but when someone you’ve always associated with the word “younger” turns 30, it makes you think a bit.  Not that 30 is old by any means, but it is the number of an age where you start to consider that the person should be mature and grown up, but to me (not saying Erin isn’t either of those) she’s still my little sister, and there’s no way she should be 30 years old already.

Today was a busy day.  We finished a website and published it and are just about done on a redesign that’s been in the works for a week or two.  I’ve got another one I was trying to finish up this week, but I don’t think that will happen.  I also had a meeting with a potential new client this afternoon.  I think it went well, and I sincerely enjoyed listening to the man.  I like the way he talks about his business, and I can tell he takes pride in it.

Today was also Melissa Nicholson’s (I think she’s hyphenated the last name to Nicholson-Clark now, but I’m not sure so we’ll stick with Nicholson) 30th birthday.  Milly’s cousin (well, Amanda’s cousin, Milly’s second cousin) Hannah Frazelle came over and babysat tonight her for the first time tonight while Amanda and I went to Indochine for Melissa’s birthday and had a good time with people there.  Elliot did a really nice job putting together a surprise party for her.

Amanda and I considered leaving to go to Rougemont today, but with all I had going on it just wasn’t a good idea.  Adam headed up there to surprise Erin, but he’ll be leaving in the morning so we won’t see him.  Andra got there yesterday.

On the Duke message board there are what’s called avatar bets for the Duke-Carolina games.  Each person can have a picture under their username which is called an avatar, and you pair off UNC fans and  Duke fans, and the fan of the team who won gets to pick the avatar for their counterpart.  I tried to get in on it last year, but we ran out of Heels.  I did get into it this year though, and the avatar I created and gave to my counterpart was very well received.  I got a request to make another one for someone else, which I think is also a pretty good one.  Keep in mind that as cheesy as they are, that’s the point.  The Carolina people have to look at these every time they post a message.

It’s supposed to snow an inch or two this weekend here in Wilmington.  I assume that being in Rougemont, we’ll still get to see some and maybe have a chance to get some pictures of Milly in it.

Zach Dotsey