Today was Milly’s first Valentine’s Day as well as her eight month birthday.  She celebrated it by wearing a shirt with hearts and a jean skirt with tights under them.  She was adorable.  She also celebrated by crying a bunch in Grow Zone, though to be fair she was in it for two sessions today since Amanda and I were volunteering there this morning and she didn’t take a nap at around 10:00 like she usually does.  Despite that excuse, we’re going to try moving her back down from the cruisers room to the babies room.  There’s apparently less going on there, so she might be more comfortable.

Life was exciting in the three year old room, as it often is.  One kid, a little boy who is in my room pretty often, was being kind of aggressive with some toy cars.  He wasn’t hitting anyone or anything with them, he was just driving them on the ground a little violently.  I asked him, “[Name], are you a wild man?”

He said, “Nuh-uh.”

So I said, “Well then are you crazy?”

“No,” he said.  “I’m happy!”

Back home, Amanda and I did the usual Sunday thing, which was mostly nothing.  Bonnie called this evening to tell us that Mr. Henry, our next door neighbor, died today.  He was sick, cancer I believe, and had gone to stay with his daughter’s family.

I didn’t know Mr. Henry well.  We talked a few times and I believe he was a paratrooper or something to that effect in World War II.  He came over to chat while I was out mowing and, seeing Bruce, our chihuahua, he asked if he could show him to his wife, who is from Mexico.  I let him take Bruce, who had a sort of bewildered, “Where is this man taking me and what’s going on?” look.  I told Amanda that Mr. Henry had taken Bruce and we were starting to wonder if we were going to get him back, he was visiting so long.

I’ve also helped him move a TV and hook up his new one (which wasn’t all that new, from the look of it) and on another occasion I helped him get things straightened out with his cable feed.

Mr. Henry spoke very quietly.

Amanda and I had pancakes for dinner.  I made them in the shape of hearts, which was about the extent of our Valentine’s Day celebration.  Well, not the entire extent, but we didn’t buy gifts or cards or anything.

Zach Dotsey